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Sree Gowmari Temple
History of the Temple:-

Arulmigu Gowmariamman Temple, Veerapandi Theni Taluk & District. This temple was built by the Pandiya King Veerapandian in 14th century. When he was ruling Madurai, unfortunately he had lost his eyesight due to his illfate.The history of the temple depicts that the King Veerapandiya regained his eye-sight by worshipping the goddess Gowmariamman and the God Kanneeswaramudayar

Ethiology of the temple:-

The ethiological history of temple depicts that the King Veerapandiya prayed the God to bless him to regain the eyesight which had lost due to his ill fate. As he prayed, the God appeared in his dream and said that to go through the bank of the river Vaigai to the forest named Nimba Aranyam where he can worship and pray Goddess Gowmari and regain the lost eyesight. As such he prayed the Goddess Gowmari and regained the sight of one eye and prayed the God Arulmigu Kanneeswaramudaiyar, regained the sight of the another eye.

Benefits to the devotees:-

The Goddess Gowmari fulfill the prayer of the devotes affected by the various diseases worship the goddess Gowmari and it is believed that they have got cured by Her mercy


Arulmigu gowmariamman temple
kalasandhi : 9.00A.M
sayaraitchai: 7.00A.M
(During special days timings may be varied)


Every Year Annual festival is being celebrated during the Tamil month of chittrai (English month May). The first Tuesday of chithrai month the installation of Holy Post  is being performed to denote the commencement of festival. From that day onwards special poojas are being performed for 21days. From the fourth Tuesday of chittrai month the Annual festival will be celebrated for eight days.
From the fourth day of the festival i.e., from friday the temple car with Goddess Gowmari is being drawn in procession for four days.
During the time of festival-days everyday thousands and thousands of devotees are gathering, worshipping and receiving the blessings of the goddess Gowmariamman.
The special feature of the festival is offering of firepots (Agnichatti) thousands and thousands by the devotees

Donation Invited:-

Annathanam scheme is implemented in this temple from 23-3-2002. In this scheme free midday meals are supplied for 100 devotees daily. Therefore donations are expected from the philanthropists for caring out the welfare Scheme Donations may kindly be sent to the following address.

Contact Details
Executive Officer,
Arulmigu Gowmariyamman koil,
Theni Taluk, Theni District.
Email:- gowmariammantemple [@]